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Teeth & Toenails

Alpacas' teeth and toenails are constantly growing! That means keeping these trimmed is critical to overall well-being.

Why trim alpaca teeth?

  • Alpacas have continuously growing teeth, and regular trimming is necessary to prevent dental issues.

  • ​Overgrown teeth can lead to malocclusion, difficulty eating, weight loss, and other health problems.

  • ​Male alpacas' fighting teeth are designed to castrate other males. Trimming fighting teeth prevents injury to males that are kept together.

Tooth-o-matic demonstration

How does TopKnot trim teeth and toenails?

  • Care and attention-to-detail

  • Precision tools like our special version of the "Tooth-O-Matic"

  • Animals are gently laid down and secured during our appointments. This prevents potential injuries.

Why should toenails be trimmed regularly?

  • Overgrown toenails can cause lameness, discomfort, and difficulty walking.

  • Regular trimming prevents issues with gait and overall mobility.

  • We suggest trimming both teeth and toenails bi-annually.

  • Regular toenail-trimming is one of the reasons we now provide fall herd health checks!

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