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The TopKnot Fall Herd Health Check

Alpaca care is year-round for you. Why shouldn't our care be also? We offer an additional appointment window in the fall in order to ensure your animals have the care they need throughout the year.

"I thought shearing was in the spring/summer..."

We have found it to be a great enouragement to our farms to provide them with a second session and extra care for their beloved alpacas.

During the fall run we will

How do I get on the schedule?

​Scheduling works in the same manner as for the regular shearing season. 


  1. Fill out a scheduling request online during the registration period.
    (we'll be sure to send out an email letting you know when that is.)

  2. Receive your appointment time in advance.

  3. A TopKnot team will update you by text on the day and arrive with smiles on their face.

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