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Alpaca Care

Taking the stress out of keeping your herd happy and healthy with professional year-round service

white Huacaya alpaca topknot

Do you want the BEST for your alpacas?

Looking for
alpaca shearing?

Check Out TopKnot 

Alpaca Care

clean happy Huacaya alpaca

Top Knot has been a game changer for us. Crazy reliable, knowledgeable, efficient and just an absolute pleasure to work with! Pete and all his crew are professional and fun. We look forward to Alpaca Shearing Day now.”

Maureen from Wisconsin 

Maureen from Wisconsin 

Simple & Reliable Scheduling​​

No more uncertainty of when your alpacas will be sheared or cared for. Schedule your date, get it confirmed and we'll send you a text when we're on our way for your alpaca shearing day.

Stress-Free Experience 

Sit back and relax. Our 3-man teams will take care of almost everything. Check out our alpaca care bundles to see what's included beyond just alpaca shearing.


Receive a quality fiber harvest and a clean, groomed look. Our company has 20+ years of shearing alpacas and providing quality care to alpaca farms across the United States.

1. We're centered around alpaca shearing, but tell us all about your animals and their needs in a scheduling request.

2. Receive a date for your alpaca care appointment months in advance and get text reminders from your team on the day. 

3. A crew of friendly alpaca-loving faces will arrive on the day to take care of your  animals.

How to receive  
custom alpaca care

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